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    Protect Loved Ones

    You can setup a Geo-fence to protect your loved ones

    Track everything, Lose nothing

    Real time tracking, track anything in real time anywhere World Wide

    Protect your assets

    Historical and Real time tracking helping to protect your assets

    Welcome to Smart Trac

    Smarttrac. Track everything lose nothing. Asset tracking, track everything any time anywhere in the world from your smart phone, computer, laptop, tablet, desk top. Personal property luggage, cars, boats, valuable items. Logistics’ tracking shipments, vehicles, parts, parcels containers etc. Accurate to within 5m using Google maps.

         Real time tracking. Historical Tracking. Reports. Access reports in real time as well as historical. View connectivity reports and manage your device. 

       Remote Sleep/Wakeup. Put your device to sleep and wake it up from your smart phone, tablet and PC. 

    Remote On/Off. Turn your device on and off from your smart phone, tablet and PC. Emergency alert. Press the RED alert button to send an emergency alert. SOS Alert. emergency alerts can be sent out at the push of a button. SOS. use for elderly, children, loved ones, pets etc. Featuring Life Saver Pro. Our unique feature emergency  alert.  

    Two Way Communications. You can carry out a two way communication. Geo-fence.  Setup a geo-fence which is a fence setup around a desired location, when the fence is broken or entered the tracking device is called and notified, you can use the two way communication. Use for elderly, children, loved ones and pets etc. Shout. Use the shout feature to help you locate the tracker audibly. This feature makes the tracker SHOUT. SHOUT. SHOUT.  so you can hear it. Very helpful if the devise is in a large area and is not visible.  

      Why buy Smart trac … · Our proprietary Smart trac GPS tracking and Emergency alert device is the number one in the electronic device industry, it works on all frequencies and networks worldwide giving you the most coverage available. We are constantly keeping up with todays and future technology, bringing it to our customers as soon and when it becomes available.    · Most of our competitor’s devices work only on 2G networks which is the old technology, it is slow limited and are being phased out in most technically advanced countries with the 3G and 4G lte networks being introduced which are much faster and offer less redundancy . Smart trac works on all networks and all frequencies 2G 3G and 4G LTE globally around the world.   · We offer a FREE Global Sim Card which works in all countries World Wide, we have partnered with multiple Network Providers to offer you multiple service providers while most companies only have one provider which means less coverage.   · All our Sim Cards come with FREE activation and we give you FREE use of our Connect software and Super Tracking software with your account.  

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