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  • Smart Trac GPS Tracker/Emergency Alert gps tracking device

    Trac everything, Lose nothing

    About Smart Trac GPS Tracker Alert Services

    * Personal Alarm Protection

    Protect loved ones, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, 

    protect against thieves, criminal attackers.

    * Personal Luggage Protection

     25.9 million pieces of luggage were lost, mislaid or damaged in 2009 by major airlines in the EU and USA countries and it has been getting worse every year since. ( source SITA statistics ) gps tracking device

    * PAS Personal Asset Protection

     The # 1 GSM/GPRS GPS Tracker for tracking personal property and managing personal assets. Autos, Motorcycles, Scooters, Boats, Jet Skies, (attach smart trac tracker to your property ). 

    Smart trac

    Fleet tracking

    We welcome commercial and fleet inquires, contact our support team. ( Click on picture to find out more. )

    Logistics/Shipping & handling

    Track in Real time and Historical tracking all your logistics shipping and handling. ( Click on picture to find out more. )

    Children and Elderly

    Monitor, and keep your loved ones safe at all times. (Click on picture to find out more. )


    Track you luggage anywhere in the world. (Click on picture to find out more. )

    Personal Assets

    Track and Monitor all your personal assets. ( Click on picture to find out more. )


    GPS Tracking, GEO-FENCE.

    Track your pets, setup a Geo-Fence to protect them at all times. ( Click on picture to find out more. )


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